8. The Godslayer's Legacy

8. The Godslayer's Legacy

The Godslayers' Legacy is the eighth book of Cogs. Avril is in Rasan City determined to discover why Lord Obdurin bound him and his cadre, but vengeful forces are moving in the world, and if Avril isn’t careful, he could find himself at the center of a conflict that will crush him and his cadre...

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The chronological order of the books and events in Cogs Web Serial:

The players, scoundrels, and gods of Cogs Web Serial:

  • Austin: A Rhynsian first-sworn in training.
  • Avril Ethanson: A young man who was raised salvaging tech in the wastelands and later learned he was the first-sworn in Lord Obdurin’s scattered cadre.
  • Branx: A confidant of Lord Obdurin.
  • Cali: A hunter who was contracted to work with Theen’s crew.
  • Charsa: A young woman with ocular implants who travels Rasa.
  • Cherry: A member of Lord Obdurin’s council.
  • Chet: A sorcerer from Freetown.
  • Dom: An ex-solider from Freetown.
  • Dune d’Turintar: The daughter of Lord Marlan of Turintar and member of Lord Obdurin’s scattered cadre.
  • Ethan Godkin: A former solider and advisor to Lord Obdurin who raised Avril in the wastelands salvaging tech.
  • Fahlim: An immortal who is aligned with Lord Obdurin.
  • Feldarsin Pure: A hunter and a dualist who works with Terin.
  • Frake Chi’Rhysin Chosen, Lord: Rhysin’s first chosen.
  • Framan: A giant who has the ability to travel.
  • Gabe: A hunter with a talent for sniping.
  • Gordon Chi’Obdurin Bondsan: The first-sworn in a Rhynsian cadre.
  • Harlan Freetown: An ex-solider who fights to keep his people safe from Lord Duman.
  • Harold: A member of the Turintarian council.
  • Kamil Chi’Obdurin Bondsan: The first-sworn in a Rhynsian cadre.
  • Kelly: A young man from Lancity.
  • Lars: A dragon hunter.
  • Laurill: A young woman with a talent for finding hidden information. A member of Lord Obdurin’s scattered cadre.
  • Maiten: One of the true gods. The god of Damar.
  • Marlan Chi’Turin Chosen, Lord: The Lord of Turintar. Turin’s chosen.
  • Mart: An ex-solider from Freetown.
  • Mattatan Chi’Obdurin Bondsan: The first-sworn in a Rhynsian cadre.
  • Maxian Tralitson: Tralit d’Arathan’s son.
  • Needle: A Turintarian tattooist
  • Obdurin Chi’Rhysin Chosen, Lord: The Lord of Rhyne. Rhysin’s chosen.
  • Olinda: Lord Marlan’s wife.
  • Pete: Dune’s Spirit companion.
  • Ranora fi’Intar: An artist who travels the wastelands.
  • Rapta Noland: A gun-for-hire with no loyalties.
  • Rarick Chi’Maiten Chosen, Lord: The Lord of Damar. Maiten’s chosen.
  • Ravi: A dualist from Fralit Mars.
  • Rhysin: One of the true gods. The god of Rhyne.
  • Saber: An ex-movie star turned freedom fighter from Freetown.
  • Sarin fi’Walden: One of Councilor Walden’s daughters.
  • Shard Chi’Obdurin Bondsan: A first-sworn who leads a cadre sworn to Lord Obdurin.
  • Sorros d’Shan: An immortal who has aligned himself with Lord Obdurin.
  • Sunder: One of Rhysin’s dimin.
  • Theen: The leader of a crew of hunters.
  • Thwart: One of Rhysin’s dimin.
  • Tralit d’Arathan: The terrible black dragon.
  • Tysin Chi’Rhysin: Rhysin’s high priest.
  • Ulri Chi’Obdurin Bondsan: The first-sworn in a Rhynsian cadre.
  • Valan: The Lord of Lancity.
  • Vincent d’Rhyne: Lord Benshi’s son.
  • Walden, Councilor: A member of Lord Obdurin’s council.
  • Zin: A young woman who dreams of alternate realities. A member of Lord Obdurin’s scattered cadre.

8.1 A God’s Heart

8.2 The Next Life

8.3 The Devil’s Bargain

8.4 The Godslayers’ Mark

8.5 Rasan City Blues

8.6 Harold

8.7 A Cadre of One

8.8 Temper

8.9 Killing Time

8.10 Kestrel

8.11 Crossing Over

8.12 Love’s Curse

8.13 Broken Things

8.14 Hierarchy

8.15 Realms

8.16 Multifaceted

8.17 Charsa

8.18 Tralit d’Arathan

8.19 Masks

8.20 Oath Breaker

8.21 Laurill

8.22 Valan’s Man

8.23 Children of Gods

8.24 Backup Plan

8.25 Broken Mold

8.26 False Hospitality

8.27 Counting the Odds

8.28 Little Princess

8.29 Defiance

8.30 Legacy

8.31 Think of the Devil

8.32 Multiplicity

8.33 Rhysin

8.34 Berserker

8.35 Rhysin’s Gift

8.36 Convergence

8.37 Crossfire

8.38 Goodbyes