1. Malicious Designs

1. Malicious Designs

Raised salvaging tech in the abandoned cities of the wastelands, Avril wants nothing to do with the gods who cleansed Rasa, killing most of humanity, but when he’s caught between a vicious dragon and a god’s malicious foot soldiers, he’s dragged into a mystery that will define the rest of his life...

Read episode 1.1 The Dragon's Eye

  • ‍14/08/490: The Cleansing
  • ‍28/13/515: 1. Malicious Designs
  • Ariel Chi’Thorn Bondsan: A member of Thorn Chi’Mikkel Bondsan’s cadre.
  • Avril Ethanson: A young man who was raised salvaging tech in the wastelands.
  • Baram: A vulture who wanders the wastelands.
  • Beads: A motorist who breaks down in the Damarian desert.
  • Ethan: The man who raised Avril.
  • Framan: Somebody hunters and cadres are looking for.
  • Gabe: A hunter with a talent for sniping.
  • Laurill: A young woman with a talent for finding hidden information.
  • Maxian: A dualist, and the son of Tralit d’Arathan.
  • Merle Chi’Thorn Bondsan: A member of Thorn Chi’Mikkel Bondsan’s cadre.
  • Mikkel Chi’Maiten Chosen, Lord: The Lord of Damar. Maiten’s chosen.
  • Milo: A Damarian tech trader.
  • Thorn Chi’Mikkel Bondsan: The first-sworn of one of Lord Mikkel’s cadres.
  • Topher Chi’Thorn Bondsan: A member of Thorn Chi’Mikkel Bondsan’s cadre.
  • Tralit d’Arathan: The terrible black dragon.
  • Unidentified vulture: An elderly vulture who wanders the wastelands.
  • Zin: A young woman who claims to dream of alternate realities.

1.1 The Dragon’s Eye

1.2 Taral

1.3 Electrical Interference

1.4 Lord of Nothing

1.5 Lancity Tech

1.6 Sprung

1.7 Dualist

1.8 Leaving Taral

1.9 The Wastelands

1.10 Vanilla Ice Cream

1.11 Zin

1.12 Cogs and Fairy Dust

1.13 Any Port in a Storm

1.14 Precautions

1.15 The Job

1.16 The Beacon

1.17 Tourist

1.18 Beads

1.19 Fizzles

1.20 Foolish Exposure

1.21 Wetware

1.22 Other Worlds

1.23 Hot and Fast

1.24 Unpleasant Realities

1.25 Familiar Faces

1.26 The Hunted

1.27 Sand and Dust

1.28 Heads Up

1.29 Laurill fi’Simil

1.30 Birthday Surprise

1.31 Useless Gestures

1.32 Thorn Chi’Mikkel Bondsan

1.33 The Easy Road

1.34 Twenty-Three Wasted Years

1.35 Shadow-Walker

1.36 Childproof

1.37 Bullet Wounds

1.38 Unbound

1.39 Gabe

1.40 Macabre Machines

1.41 Trust but Verify

1.42 One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

1.43 Undeniable Compulsions

1.44 Obfuscation

1.45 Blockade

1.46 Distracting the Enemy

1.47 False Assumptions

1.48 Gathered Fragments

1.49 Deception and Dreams

1.50 Zin’s Gift

1.51 Mutually Assured Destruction

1.52 The Wizard and the Cadre