Welcome to Cogs Web Serial

Welcome to Cogs Web Serial

Cogs is a fast-pace, futuristic epic fantasy with new episodes published every week (typically, five times a week).

Book one of the serial, Malicious Designs, is available for free on the site.

Book two, Discarded Gods, is available to read with a free account.

The rest of the books in the serial are available with a subscription, which gives you access to all the content on the site and new books (which are serialized in episodes) as they're published. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime.

The following lists which books are available now, and when new ones will be released on the site:

1. Malcious Designs (free on the site)
2. Discarded Gods (available with a free account)
3. Brotherhood's Curse (available to members)
4. The Tyrant's Throne (available to members)
5. The Bastard Cadre (available to members)
6. Zealots and Ascendants (releasing to members)
7. The Mad God's Playground (coming in August 2021)
8. The Lord of Frake's Defiance (coming in November 2021)
9. The Godslayers' Legacy  (coming in January 2022)
10. Taunting the Devil (coming in March 2022)
11. The Dead God's Shadow (coming in May 2022)

Titles with future release dates are finished, but the release dates might change if I decide to change the order of the titles or to insert a new title.

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