3. Brotherhood’s Curse

Avril wants answers, but new, deadly foes are hunting him and his new friends, and not all is as it seems. Gabe has discovered somebody else like them; maybe together they can piece together the mystery that binds them and find a way to survive...

3.1 Lucky Number Six

3.2 Murdering Psychopaths

3.3 The Road to Taral

3.4 Curriculum Vitae

3.5 Framan

3.6 Calibration

3.7 Foes Ahead, Above, and Behind

3.8 Third Party

3.9 Kinda Small

3.10 Bigger and Badder

3.11 Traveler

3.12 Home Sweet…

3.13 Betrayed

3.14 Momentum, Sweetie

3.15 Company Men

3.16 The Closest Thing to Immortality

3.17 Backsliding

3.18 The Distance Between Intentions and Actions

3.19 Shared Heritage

3.20 Within Reach

3.21 A Fixed Point in Space

3.22 Happy Gas

3.23 Better Off Dead

3.24 Structural Weaknesses

3.25 Death and Serenity

3.26 Recognition

3.27 Ancestral Enmity

3.28 Free-fall

3.29 Hot Potato

3.30 First Impressions

3.31 The Coward’s Life

3.32 Disposable Bodies

3.33 Unasked Questions

3.34 Faulty Logic

3.35 Professional Compromises

3.36 Captives

3.37 Recruited

3.38 Round Two

3.39 Interloper

3.40 Pain and Perspective

3.41 Unraveled

The players, scoundrels, and gods of Brotherhood’s Curse:

  • Aaron Noland: A hunter who works with Theen’s crew.
  • Avril Ethanson: A young man who was raised salvaging tech in the wastelands.
  • Beads: A hunter with a talent for finding things.
  • Cali Descendant: A hunter who is contracted to work with Theen’s crew.
  • Davis: A hunter who works for the Company.
  • Ensay d’Tal: A hunter who uses synthetic bodies.
  • Ethan: The man who raised Avril.
  • Framan: A giant who has the ability to travel.
  • Gabe: A hunter with a talent for sniping.
  • Kort Noland: A hunter who serves as second in Theen’s crew.
  • Laurill: A young woman with a talent for finding hidden information.
  • Marin: The person Lord Obdurin asked to raise Avril.
  • Mattatan Chi’Obdurin Bondsan: The first-sworn in a Rhynsian cadre.
  • Maxian: A dualist, and the son of Tralit d’Arathan.
  • Mikkel Chi’Maiten Chosen, Lord: The Lord of Damar. Maiten’s chosen.
  • Musan: The woman who raised Framan.
  • Obdurin Chi’Rhysin Chosen, Lord: The Lord of Rhyne. Rhysin’s chosen.
  • Ravi: A dualist from Fralit Mars.
  • Rhysin: The true god of Rhyne.
  • Sky: A hunter who works for the Company.
  • Solo: A business man who built hotels before the Cleansing.
  • Theen: The leader of a crew of hunters.
  • Thorn Chi’Mikkel Bondsan: The first-sworn of a Damarian cadre.
  • Tralit d’Arathan: The terrible black dragon.
  • Tug: A hunter who works with Theen’s crew.
  • Zin: A young woman who dreams of alternate realities.

The chronological order of the books and events in Cogs Web Serial up to Brotherhood’s Curse:

1. Malicious Designs

2. Discarded Gods

3. Brotherhood’s Curse

4. The Tyrant’s Throne

5. The Bastard Cadre

6. Zealots and Ascendants

7. The Mad God’s Playground

8. The Godslayers’ Legacy

9. The Lord of Frake’s Defiance

10. The Dead God’s Shadow