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Rasan City

Cogs is a futuristic epic fantasy that is told in short episodes that are released several (usually five) times a week.

The stories are set in a world where dragons soar above abandoned cities of technological splendor and people can do the impossible with talents that defy logic. Cogs spans millennia, tracks the rise and fall of empires, the evolution of magic, technology, and societies, the ascension of malevolent gods, and humanity's refusal to submit and fade into the darkness.

The first story arc, Malicious Designs, is available for free on the site. Subscribers have access to all the published stories (see the Table of Contents for the full list) and can read new episodes (either direct to their inboxes or on the site) as they're released.

Cogs is written by Lee Carlon, if you'd like to get in touch, you can email me at contact@cogs.ws.